Service Monitor, through the excellent leadership of Dale du Preez, have been helping Altech Netstar for over 15 years. Their skills and knowledge in our various training requirements, including Call Centres, Customer Service, Sales, and Telesales are formidable. Dale’s overwhelming enthusiasm and positive attitude have endeared her to the staff, who all hold her in high regard. Service Monitor’s willingness to understand our business and the key individuals within it have been of as much assistance as is their competence in providing valuable feedback about the business. The professionalism in managing the Altech Netstar account is exemplary.

Harry Louw, Managing Director, Netstar

Customer Experience Management is challenging at the best of times considering all the obstacles faced through multi-channel management and consumer driven demands. In times like these one has to partner with a reputable organisation that gained skills over many years to enable your business to reach new heights. Service Monitor, through the passionate leadership of Rose and Dale du Preez, has managed to assist our Contact Centre to reach levels of greatness. The advantage of working with such a dynamic team is that the services are not limited to Customer Experience Management but rather that of much greater strategic advantage and value. They adopt a holistic business approach that considers various elements that secure business success. Their solutions are spot-on, effective, easy to deploy and deliver great results.

Marius Swanepoel, Head: Customer Interaction Centre, Volkswagen Group

My work with Service Monitor spans over 17 years. What I appreciate most about working with them is their work ethic, professionalism and the results they produce through their initiatives. The real magic of any interaction with Service Monitor lies in the personal involvement by their members. They share benchmarks and local and international knowledge across multiple disciplines of business to ensure ongoing ‘value add’. They also entrench best practice across the business at large.

Daleen Janse Van Rensburg, Assistant Executive: Operations, Innovation Group