Your challenges allow us to engage our accomplished minds and knowledge in helping you to augment your focus on your most important asset – customer experience.

We quickly hone in on the critical success factors that impact your business. Our consulting includes:

  • Strategic Service Design
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Digital Customer Experience
  • Internal Branding
  • Statistical Quality Assurance / QA
  • Workforce Optimisation
  • Forecasting, Scheduling and Reporting
  • Learning and Performance
  • Contact Centre Health Check / Optimisation

Strategic Service Design – Given the unique attributes of a service operation, we work with you to assess operations, redesign processes, and establish systems to ensure an excellent customer experience. In many organisations, operations precede strategy resulting in turbulence and poor performance.

Internal Branding – Internal brand management is a critical driver of both brand citizenship and employee brand pride. Our expertise will assist you in aligning the values and brand.

Statistical Quality Assurance – This outstanding methodology is for those who are tired of wasting money on a QA system that simply does not deliver the required results. Our proven approach results in a reduction in call volume and a dramatic improvement in first call resolution, with the agents taking ownership and customer needs being fulfilled.

Digital Customer Experience – Your customers are digital – are you? Our consultants engage to ensure a consistent customer and employee experience across every channel.